Liability Waiver

Member shall participate in physical conditioning programs and/or use of any of Marshall Fitness, LLC.’s facilities, including but not limiting to locker-room facilities, hairdryers, classes, massage, tanning services or equipment at member’s own risk. Marshall Fitness, LLC. shall not me liable for any damages for personal injuries sustained by any member in, or about the premises of Marshall Fitness, LLC. MEMBER does hereby release, discharge, and hold harmless Marshall Fitness, LLC. from any and all claims, demands, or actions, arising out of the use or intended use of its facilities, services, or equipment, including, without limitation, any claim for personal injuries resulting from or arising out of the negligence of Marshall Fitness, LLC., its owners, affiliates, agents, employees and/or any other person at Marshall Fitness, LLC. It is understood that all trainers are independent contractors and have no contractual agreement with Marshall Fitness, LLC. Member agrees to hold Marshall Fitness, LLC. harmless from any problem, whether physical or mental, which may arise during member’s training session with any trainer. Member understands that using the locker room facilities are at member’s own risk. Marshall Fitness, LLC. shall be held harmless from any accident or physical harm caused by use of these facilities. Marshall Fitness, LLC. provides storage without fee to all members. Member will not hold Marshall Fitness, LLC. responsible for lost or stolen items.